Cricket is the 2nd largest sport on TV in the world behind soccer and watched by over a billion cricket fans in Australia, England, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Bangladesh, New Zealand, West Indies and the rest of the cricket playing nations in the world. This royal sport is finally gaining huge momentum in Canada and the USA thanks to the fast paced one day and Twenty-Twenty (T20) leagues that have made the games shorter and more manageable to watch and play. The combination of these fan-friendly rules with the growing migration of people from cricket-playing nations to North America have rapidly increased demand for cricket in North America.

The opportunity exists for the game to rapidly grow in North America. Despite some cricket players in the Indian Premiere League (IPL) starting to receive multi-million dollar salaries for short 10 week seasons cricket remains a novelty sport in the Western Hemisphere. There are very few suitable cricket grounds let alone large scale facilities to grow the sport and host cricket at the highest level (which provide the promotional vehicle for the game to grow). NCC staff believe that cricket will be the next emerging sport to take North American fans by storm after an extensive market research study was done. Inspired by the designs of MCG in Australia, Eden Gardens in India or Lords in England the NCC dreams and plans to have a full cricket stadium to host the highest level of international events ….someday….right here in Niagara Falls Ontario Canada a destination of over 5 million tourists every year.