Field Of Dreams

“Sometime when you believe the IMPOSSIBLE…, the INCREDIBLE comes true !”

When Ridley College, the home of Cricket in Niagara (since 1890) folded its cricket program in 2008, all of a sudden all local league and social cricket players living in Niagara Region and surrounding found themselves with no place to play their ball game. The league teams managed to play home games in Hamilton in 2009 & 2010, a 40 mile drive to play both home and away league games, while social cricketers and fans of the game basically put their cricket bags up in the attics.

Eventually, when a 120+ years old Cricket Club decided to fold in 2010 and/or move it to another city by merging it with another club, 3 seniors men decided to keep the local cricketing traditions alive for the sake of future of the Cricket game in Niagara Region. Mr. Patrick Little the ex-president providing legal assistance, Mr. Javed Mian the president of city club 2011 and Mr. Tan Qureshi the ex-captain of 2001 premier league winning team put their thought process to build a Field of Dreams in Niagara Region in 2011.